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Creative COW Podcasts : Avid Media Composer Podcast : Learn Media Composer Lesson 40: The Marquee Title Tool 2
Podcast Guy ---Learn Media Composer Lesson 40: The Marquee Title Tool 2

In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe shows you how simple it is to not only add drop shadows and strokes to your text, but also how to create true 3D extruded text right within the Marquee Interface.

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Learn Media Composer Lesson 40: The Marquee Title Tool 2
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Re: Podcast: Learn Media Composer Lesson 40: The Marquee Title Tool 2
by Roger Van Duyn
Thanks for posting your tutorials. I've watched about half of them (would have watched them all but having an exceptionally busy spell right now) and they are very high quality. These two latest tutorials on Marquee have been particularly useful to me. Really had no idea Marquee had the capabilities you demonstrated.


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