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Creative COW Podcasts : Adobe After Effects Podcast : Adobe After Effects Techniques: Animation Lip Sync PART TWO
Podcast Guy ---Adobe After Effects Techniques: Animation Lip Sync PART TWO

In this second part of a two-part tutorial on character animation lip-sync techniques, Andrew Devis shows how to build a simple rig to speed up your animation. Building on the basics of the first tutorial Andrew goes on to show how to set up the rig.

You'll also learn how to arrange it so that you can drag a box over a text representation of the mouth shape that you want and have it animate in your timeline. Andrew uses both a slider and a layer to demonstrate this technique and to try and make it as clear as possible, however, it is also possible to skip the slider and just use the layer position - have a play and see how you can improvise this technique for your own work.

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Adobe After Effects Techniques: Animation Lip Sync PART TWO
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Re: Adobe After Effects Techniques: Animation Lip Sync PART TWO
by Jane Parisi
HI!! Thanks so much for this podcast! I watched them on the subway and they were just what I needed to start this new project. I'm running into an issue though and I was hoping you could help. I wanted to introduce some lights to my scene, but when I throw the 3D switch my lips all disappear. I've tried all the combinations. If you have a any ideas, I'd love to hear them! Thanks again!

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